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The awards depicted on this page are intended for illustrative purposes only. The actual designs may be slightly different than those illustrated here.
There are four PRODUCTION categories for “ENDURO Designed” medals: Prestige (custom - national championship designs - highly detailed) Premier (custom - same features as Prestige - fewer design details needed) Premium (custom - smaller sizes available - printed insert or enamel designs) Preferred (less expensive - exclusive ENDURO Design - unique - limited supplies) Popular (popular designs that are the least expensive - designed to fit your budget) The most common first question is: - - - “How much do “ENDURO” medals cost?” The answer is: - - - “It depends”. “ENDURO Designed” medals are completely custom. Each medal has its own look. - - - Prestige to Popular. . . The three most important factors that contribute to the cost of each Custom Order are: (1) which Category is right for your meet (event) --- and for your school (organization)? (See above.) --- Prestige? - - - - Premier? - - - - Premium? - - - - Preferred? - - - - Popular? (2) how many medals are needed? and, (3) when are your medals needed? So, let’s get the conversation started. - - - Send me an email: kevin@runenduro.com (When I respond I’ll include my personal cell number.) In your email please include: (1) the category (above) that seems to be the choice that best suits your situation; (2) how many medals are needed; (3) the actual date of your meet or event. (4) do not forget to include - - - (a) your name; (b) your cell phone; (c) the name of your school or organization; (d) a high resolution pic of your logo / slogan / etc. We will create a “Basic Design” for your approval - - - at NO COST. Once you approve the “Basic Design”, we immediately submit your Basic Design to the medal design consultant at the manufacturing facility that is selected for your medal. The medal design consultant will quickly produce a “Production Design”. When we receive the Production Design for your ENDURO Designed medal we then calculate the total cost for your approval. The Total Cost Per Medal (TCPM) includes: (1) the total set-up (mold) charge for your ENDURO Designed medal; (2) the total manufacturing price; (This includes the cost to attach the ribbon to the medal.) (3) the total shipping cost to your location; (Shipping available to contiguous states only.) NOTE: the ENTIRE design process is performed on your behalf at NO COST to you. You can also request a formal (written estimate) before the production process starts. However, you will not receive a “Final Invoice” until AFTER your medals have arrived at your location so you can inspect the order to make sure you are completely satisfied. Several of our recent Basic Designs are listed on this webpage. Your ENDURO Designed custom medal will look as destinctive as the samples shown on this page. Please don’t forget, we can also be your supplier of unique, AFFORDABLE custom - - - hand and laser crafted natural wood plaques. (Information on ENDURO Designed natural wood plaques will be available SOON on this website for your convenience.
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